Thursday, January 05, 2006

2005 Miscellany

Highlights and Lowlights of 2005

My first full year of being a librarian. All my colleagues keep asking me what my "5 Year Plan" is. The only 5-year-plan I have is to plot how I can get a good deal on an Alice Temperley outfit-- does that count? I'm thinking of adopting the answer that Madonna gave to Dick Clark on American Bandstand. "What's next for you?" "To rule the world."

My gray hair used to just grow in near my right temple, leaving me petrified that I was going to have a skunk stripe, a la Cruella De Ville. 2005 brought grays to my left side. Bye, Cruella. Hello, Bride of Frankenstein. I love you, Clairol.

I found myself a heartbeat away from telling a group of teen girls in the library to "simmer down." I was on the precipice of becoming glasses-on-a-chain-library-lady. Fortunately, I can get shushing results without crossing that line. At least for 2005.

I spent a weekend with my two oldest friends in Chicago. I brought along my high school journal to read aloud to them. Typical exchange went like this:
Me: (from the journal) "...he's so hot! I wish I could jump his bones!"
Them: (one squeezing my arm, the other clapping her hands, both shouting proudly) "AND YOU DID! YOU DID!"
This is emblematic of why I love them.

My two BFFs and I did some guestimating and figured we've spent a total of around 20 full days talking on the phone to each other in 2005. I swear to god I'm not 15. Really.

I still feel like the new kid at the ref desk, not in terms of ability, just in terms of seniority. I thought I would get over that after one year, but compared to the other librarians who have been around for 20-35 years, I'm going to be the baby for a while.

Kiss the rings, I'm out.
Librarian Girl


Anonymous said...

Even though I do talk with you for 20 full days out of the year I STILL feel the need to coment on, and read your blog daily.

Neighbor J

mrs. watson said...

Hey, I just stumbled on your site on my lunch break. Good stuff. I'm a recent library school grad in Australia who finds all these piss-take blogs hilarious!

Josh said...

Is 'piss-take blog' an Australian thing? Or is a a "cool person" thing. Because I'm neither. And man oh man, does it show.

Anonymous said...

What is this magical 5 year plan anyhoo? Am I supposed to have a list to check off action plans and goals? Is it so wrong to just want to be a librarian or should I really be working my way to middle management?
I thought I was doing well just deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I agree with the Aussie - anyone librarian that mentions Tyrone Biggums, Simmer Down (or Summer, Donna as my favorite), or has the idea to bring Queer Eye to ALA should be crowned or at least work with me. I think Carson's head would explode however.

MAP said...

simmer down, now.. next you'll be telling them they're squirrley.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, "His [insert male sex organ here]was nice!" If drummer boy only knew just how famous he is!

Librarian Girl said...

And you're remembering more quotes from my journal. So scary how many of my secrets you have.