Even More About Me

Here's the long version, ya'll.

I live in Seattle who I love but fight with constantly because we disagree fundamentally on how much sun is necessary. In Flint, Michigan I was born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days. Other cities that have played huge roles in my life are Chicago, Madison, Wisconsin and New York, New York. My family is from Fiji. Our ethnicity is Indian, but the transition from India to Fiji happened like, back in the 1800s, so I'm Indian...but islander. So I guess I am a midwest-south-pacific-east-indian-pacific-northwesterner. As Gayatri Spivak would say, just call me a hyphenated identitarian. It's easier.

Nordic Boy is my dude. In my objective opinion, I think he is the best person ever made. We have been together for eons and eons, since before the advent of dinosaurs. I do not feel like my relationship is "work" although I hear you're supposed to think that way according to Dr. Phil. Maybe someday it'll be work, but not so far. Being around him is the easiest thing I have ever done. If you don't feel like barfing after reading that, and you want to know how we met, read that here. Then here. Then here.

BioGirl is my bff. Many readers seem to think we are related but that's ok since she is actually more like a sister than a friend. She is a marine biologist but she does not work with whales or dolphins or orcas, which seems to be everyone's only impression of marine biology. I blame Seaworld for that. She now works with policy makers on sciency stuff so that we can save our oceans, which are our future, or maybe that's the children, I can never remember. Her PhD had to do with barnacles and from her years of study I learned that barnacles have huge penises. Thank you Stanford for allowing her to study well-hung arthropods (is that even right? Are barnacles arthropods?) because it has given us reams of glee.

You'll also meet my childhood besties, Alli and Map; the Jerry to my Elaine: Delium; my awesome mom and my beloved pops; and my gorgeous friends throughout the land.

I was a dancer in my youth and went to lots of fancy schools at a wee age and danced alongside famous dancers that you only would care about if you were a ballet dancer yourself which most likely you are not. I've also worked many other odd jobs (because hey! dancers make shit money, ya'll), from actor to stage manager to candle seller to canoe rental lady to grant writer to editor to wedding acccessory peddler. Yes, that's right. Peddler. I know the blog name has the word "librarian" in it and it is true that this is my current trade, but if you are looking for stories about work, this is not the place for you. I spend hours and hours talking about work in my life and I really feel no need to talk about it when off the clock.

Blog design stuff:
The illustration was done by my friend Neighbor J. The layout was pulled together by my other friend Josh. You should hire them to design stuff for you too.

That's me, in a nutshell. Heavy on the nut.