Thursday, November 08, 2007

I. Diddy

Things I didded today. A list, yo.

1. Got up at 7am even though it was my day off because I am apparently all geriatric like that.

2. Showed up at Anthropologie a few minutes before they even opened their doors this morning, because I like to scare the staff there with how I stand outside and fog up the windows with my ardently felt desire.

3. Ate two halves of a cupcake, shared with Neighbor J, one chocolate with vanilla frosting and the other vanilla with chocolate frosting. I hummed "Ebony and Ivory" to myself in my head as I did so.

4. Held sweet Baby Neighbor H on my lap and listened to her make cute baby creaky-door sounds and watched her smile all afternoon. Sweeter than the cupcakes, that was.

5. Came home to find Nordic Boy home from his business trip and tried to ballroom dance our hellos to each other, which even though a valiant effort was made, it turned into him sort of dragging me around the room. Isn't that really what ballroom dance is, though? I believe they call this "leading."

6. Won a caption contest over at Berg with Fries. I get a prize and everything. If you go over there (I'm too tired to add the link in but it is over there in my sidebar) you'll see I mostly won because I had the biggest mouth. If only I could win other things for talking horseshit, I would be set for life.

7. Wrote a hastily crafted blog post so as to fulfill my duties to NaBloPoMo and crashed into bed by 10:30. I am only half cognizant of what I am typing right now and the proof of that is that I just used the word "cognizant."

Must sleep. Granny is so tired.

I'm out,
Librarian Girl


Sunny said...

They have Anthropologie stores?! Like real places where you can enter and stare at the clothes vs. staring at them via the internet?! How did I not know this? Must.Google.Now.

Katie K said...

A list to match your list:
1) I wish we had an Anthropologie near us... not that I could afford it but it'd be nice.

2) I love baby noises! And baby smells (the good ones, not the bad ones... bleech.)

3) You ballroom danced your hellos!? You two are too adorable... really, just too adorable.

4) Congrats on the caption contest! (Truthfully, you kind of won about four times, right? They were all winners :))

Sauntering Soul said...

I have an Anthropologie about 2 blocks from my office. Unfortunately, even if I could afford their stuff I can't fit in any of it.

I do love their home stuff though. But can't afford it either.

And yes, men in ballroom dancing drag their partners around. Don't you watch Dancing With the Stars?

Bobbi said...

LOL! yea! someone else who get's up hella early when the don't have to. I feel better, and slightly cooler with this knowledge.

cadiz12 said...

for some reason, when i read "cute baby creaky-door sounds," i pictured the little flap on the back end of those red flannel footie pajamas that i've never heard of anyone actually wearing but i see featured in oldschool children's books and cartoons.
it doesn't make sense, i know.

biology girl said...

LG, although we have many, many things in common, I will never be there with you getting up at 7am for NO REASON! Maybe 8am. Maybe.

marty said...

I am jealous of your two halves of the cupcake. And your trip to Anthropologie!

donna said...

when i was in 3rd grade, the class was asked to look at some pictures in a book. one was of a black person's hand shaking a white person's hand. the teacher asked what came to mind when we looked at it. one of the class clowns said it reminded him of the song "ebony and ivory". the teacher had not heard the song (despite it's incessant radio play at the time) so the kid brought the 45 record in to class the next day so we could all listen to it.

i can't believe i still remember that and have to mention the story every time someone brings up that song. really, i should just get my own blog.