Thursday, November 01, 2007

Listen, it's all I got

I'm starting of my month of daily posting with a bang, people!

Just kidding. I am too tired to muster up even the usual nonsensical gibberish that I can usually come up with.

Instead, I give you this photo that I took today. I ask you, what store was I in that had an aisle boasting these three items?

That's right. It says "Birds, Fruits and Vegetables, and Moss."

I shop at the truly classy stores, ya'll.

I'm out,
Librarian Girl


Srcsmgrl said...

Looks like a Michael's, or some other craft megastore--maybe JoAnne's?

Absolutely riveting ;)

Josh said...

Birdfruit, Vegetablemoss & Beyond?

Birdfruitvegetablesmoss & Co.?

BFVM Ltd.?


I give up.

Sue Who said...

Actually, I think Biology Girl is onto something brilliant: NaBloComMo.

I'll try to help you keep on keeping on.

Sphincter said...

Geez, and one usually has to go to The Moss Store AND The Bird Store. This place is a model on convenience.

Sara said...

Yeah, I'm guessing A. C. Moore or something like that.

Or K-Mart.

Sauntering Soul said...

Oh my goodness. I'm cracking up at Josh and Sphincter's comments. I wish I could try to somehow "out funny" them, but I have nothing.

velocibadgergirl said...

My bet is Michaels, too...I know when I worked there we had a moss / fruit / birds aisle.

Phyl said...

I think it's Michael's. this is a fun game!

Xteener said...

My vote is for Birdfruitvegetablesmoss & Co.

rudecactus said...

I'm going to go with electronics store.

Actually, Michaels.

biology girl said...

I think the really important question is: where is the rhinoceros, whole wheat, and fungus aisle? (I almost typed "isle" which brings to mind a place I would not want to vacation.)

Library Guy said...

Looks like a Michaels to me.

I must say, if I had even 1/10 of the writing flare that you possess, it would make this month of daily blogging that I have decided to undertake MUCH more enjoyable.

Sadly, I do not.