Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Apple Of My Eye

I haven't had lots of experience being on a farm. I didn't grow up around many rural people, and so my knowledge of how farmers roll and what country life is like is very limited. I have never been on a hay ride or been to a barn dance and am aware, even as I type this, that both of those things may just be farm stereotypes that don't even really happen any more. Like many things, scarily enough, I may have just picked up these ideas from the movies. Hayrides just make me think of Inga from Young Frankenstein (Roll, roll! Roll in zee hay!) and barn dances just make me think of Laura Ingalls. So you see, I have no idea. However, one of the best memories of my childhood takes place on a farm.

Each fall, my mom and dad would drive me outside of our factory-clad little city. We'd get off the expressway and onto long, windy roads that were lined with orange and red trees and large expanses of flat, grassy, midwestern goodness. From there, we'd end up at an apple orchard. At this apple orchard was a big red barn. In the big red barn was heaven. Fresh apple pies, apple fritters, apple jellies, applesauce. (I sound like an apple version of Bubba from Forrest Gump, don't I?) There was a big apple press in there for apple cider on the spot. There was even a big old fashioned doughnut making machine. As a kid, I would stand there and watch as the doughnut batter was mixed and then fried, and then placed directly into my hands, the cinnamon-scented heat still rising off of it. We'd eat up some apple stuff and then I'd get to go run around in the crispy leaves between the rows of trees. Little kid paradise, for sure. I loved every minute of it. The drive with my parents, watching the landscape change from lots of houses to lots of trees, the barn, the eats, the stomping through the orchard. If I could get even half of the feeling of those memories back, I would cry with happiness, I swear to Johnny Appleseed.

So, in my doldrummy mood that I was in over the weekend, I happened to come across a mention of an apple orchard in the New York Times archive. The article was about scenic orchards around the country, and one of the ones listed was only a couple of hours away from Seattle. I told Nordic Boy the memories this evoked for me, and he suggested we take a roadtrip and find a little slice of that appley feeling.

So, before I knew it, we had gone from this

Freeway skyline

to this

October in Skagit

On the way, we stopped at a little grocery store/gas station/bank/coffee shop and were welcomed with a sign that said

Where Friends Meet Friends
Where Friends Meet Friends

How quaint is that? Where friends meet friends! Right there in front of the vending machines! Lookee, even the Coke and the Pepsi, such bitter rivals in other places, stand next to each other in what I swear looks like a friendly stance, like Oscar and Felix. I'll have you know that I stood there for a good ten minutes while Nordic Boy filled up on gas and went on a pee break, and I didn't meet any friends, but I still appreciated the thought.

We got to the orchard, and I soaked in the scenery, while Nordic Boy immediately started shopping. Who says I am the power shopper in this relationship?

Prettyness all around
Our ugly yard needs help, yo.

Nordic Boy Gets Mapley
Seriously, he is here to buy, people.

And although there wasn't any cider press or doughnut machine, we did frolic about the place.

Cloud Mountain Walk
"Oh my god," I imagine the orchard owners saying to each other, "are they running around playing tag? Crazy city folk."

And although the leaves weren't orange and red, they were still sufficiently crispy for tromping through.

Fall walk 11.4.08

We bought ourselves a bag of apples and oh yeah, a compact strawberry tree (an unexpected bonus), and headed home. It wasn't the same as I remembered from when I was a kid, but it did maybe 25% of the trick. Had they had doughnuts, it would have made up for a lot. Add a doughnut to anything and life just seems better.

Truly, it was a sweet day. And, in the way that memories pile up, I am sure that some day, I will long for a day like this in the same way that I now long for the apple orchards of my childhood. Piling on the good memories is what life is all about, Charlie Brown.

I don't know why I just said Charlie Brown there. Didn't that sentence seem like something Linus would say?

I'm out,
Librarian Girl


Teej said...

Paragraph 2 of your post made me ache for the midwest. Oh, sweet autumn, I think I would give my pinky toe to be teleported back to the scenario you described. It could have been directly out of my own childhood. Except maybe my brother was beating the shit out of me and stealing my doughnut. Other than that, identical.

e-Lizabeth said...

Linus is so very wise.

Great post, LG - love it.

marty said...

I love apples and apple orchards and apple donuts!! (How could they not have donuts?!?) I'm glad you had a great day!

biology girl said...

One of my parents still lives in a town where there are lots of family owned shops that bake fresh pies with fruit grown nearby. This time of year I love going up there to visit and having pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Oh pie, how I love thee.

Megan said...

Great story! Made me actually feel like I've been to an apple orchard...but this city girl alas has not. Maybe I should take a road trip like you!

Sphincter said...

Did they at least have cookies?

Sauntering Soul said...

This reminds me of this time last year. Some friends and I tried going to Ellijay, GA to go apple picking but they were out of apples. How is the Apple Capital of Georgia out of apples when the annual apple festival is going on? It's just wrong. Wrong I say.

I still have never gone apple picking.

dizz said...

totally nothing to do with this post but just had to say ooooh Nordic Boy has GREAT hair ;o))

rudecactus said...

Fantastic. You know, as much as I bitch about living in the overgrown, congested Washington DC area, we go from city to country pretty easily and it's gorgeous around here once you escape the beltway and suburbs.

Katie K said...

Aww, what a great post. I'm glad you had a great day (but very sad about the lack of donuts...)

Sunny said...

Thank you, Linus, that made me remember some good autumn memories myself. Now I just need to go home and curl up with some instant apple cider. And google a Krispy Kreme.

Bobbi said...

yum! sounds perfectly like Fall! I'm gonna take an extra long lunch today!

Phyl said...

I adore fall. And that was so completely a Linus thing to say.

Sue Who said...

Everyone leaves such nice comments, and all I can wonder is what you mean by a strawberry tree. I wonder if it the same as the portuguese medronho, which is famous in the south for making a kind of liquor. Hmmm.

But it's nice to hear you are making progress on the yard from hell.

cadiz12 said...

there's an apple tree in my back yard, but it doesn't even begin to compare to goodies you can get at an orchard.

and the barn dance thing? to my knowledge they still take place, but instead of wholesome farmpeople, the attendees are sloppydrunk college students who pile into yellow schoolbuses dressed in plaid shirts and jeans, then gyrate around to techno music. at least that's how it was in Champaign, Illinois, circa 1997. you're not missing anything.

Sara said...

I particularly like the artful way in which NB's face is hidden. Heh.

Library Guy said...

You are the Linus of LibraryLand. That was a fantastic story...I've never been to an apple orchard before and now I want to go to one. Although, having grown up in the country with rural-oriented parents, I've been to various types of farms and farm-like settings.

Becky said...

maybe linus is speaking TO charlie brown.