Friday, November 16, 2007

Me too, totally.

I love that there are signs made that say simply "I'm gorgeous inside!" I need one of these.

Gorgeous Inside
And outside, honey. And outside.

I'm out,
Librarian Girl


Sphincter said...

I have never seen one of those. Now I feel deprived.

Sara said...

It's so funny you would post this yesterday, well, funny to me, because I saw my first one on the way home from the veterinary hospital where we'd just been picking up our now mildly radioactive cat. The one we saw, on a house with no yard that was also situated such that it would obviously be completely surrounded by traffic 24/7, read "I'M VERY QUIET INSIDE."

I found this both unsettling and, given that I was sitting in that traffic with someone who was meowing every minute and a half and also scrabbling furiously in an attempt to escape a plastic box, just a tiny bit tantalizing. I simply don't expect real estate to speak.

biology girl said...

Hmmm, that makes me wonder how often house descriptions match personalities. In my case, my home would have a sign that says "I'm moldy, but with lots of natural light and hardwood floors inside!" I'm not really sure what that means for me...

Katie K said...

Steal it!!! That may sound immature and delinquent-y but I'm standing by my statement. :)