Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Perfect Crossword

I love crosswords. I know the hoity toity thing to say about crosswords is that you do the New York Times one, especially the Sunday version. Ooh la la, I am such a smarty pants, doing the Sunday crossword.

I am not saying I would turn away the New York Times crossword puzzle. I am saying that I much prefer other puzzles. My puzzles of choice are usually books of (surprise) movie-themed, tv-themed, or other pop culture themed crosswords. It is the one item that I buy in a book store. It hearkens me back to my childhood, when I would devour the tv-guide crossword as soon as it arrived in the mail at my parents' house. Who needs clues like "1930s Czech president" when you can have clues like "1954 Burt Lancaster western"? Really. No contest.

So last night. I'm lying in bed doing a crossword. The clue is "'A Perfect Storm' sight." I have no clue what that could be.

Me: Hey, have you seen the movie "A Perfect Storm?"
Nordic Boy: Yep.
Me: What was it about? I know it was a boat movie. And it had George Clooney and Marky Mark in it.
Nordic Boy: Feel it! Feel it!
(an aside: in our house, any mention of Mark Wahlberg must be punctuated by the refrain "Feel it! Feel it!" just as he barked it out in his smash hit "Good Vibrations." This is required behavior in my house. If you ever come over, and Marky Mark is mentioned, you must say this. Are we clear?)
Me: What was the movie about?
Nordic Boy: Well, it was about this storm.
Me: Yes?
Nordic Boy: And it was perfect.
Me: The movie was perfect?
Nordic Boy: No, the storm was perfect. Hence the name of the movie.
Me: Really? A Marky Mark movie is going make you say "hence?"
Nordic Boy: Feel it! Feel it!
Me: You're not helping.

I'm out,
Librarian Girl


dizz said...

Do you have 'heat' magazine over there in the US? Cos hands down, trust me, you would rock that crossword. It's pop culture-tastic!

Teej said...

Am I the only idiot here who has no idea what the word is? Was there a clue hidden in there?

Please send help.

Anonymous said...

A swordfish?
A giant wave?
Your life passing before your eyes?
(Didn't see the movie, but didn't the boat sink and everybody die?)

marty said...

Feel it! Feel it!

I did see the movie and all I can think of is "wave". Or "ocean"? Perhaps "fish"?

Xteener said...

Thanks to you, I'll be singing "Good Vibrations" to myself for the rest of the day.

Sauntering Soul said...

What was the word?

I do the crossword puzzle everyday with the "older ladies" in my office. This is how we spend our lunch hour rather than fighting Buckhead traffic and spending tons of money eating out everyday. We also do the word jumble and the Sudoku. Well, I do the Sudoku - some of the others find it too challenging.

Sara said...

A Perfect Storm was such an annoying movie that I have blocked it from my memory. Sorry.

I get annoyed at the NYT because way too many of its clues can be answered more than one way, and that screws me up because I only ever seem to have a pen on me when I encounter it.

Also, I don't know about you, but I am far too much of a control freak ever to do a crossword puzzle with another person, to the sorrow of my true love who thinks this is something we should be able to enjoy together over coffee on a lazy Sunday at the local Starbucks.

Sorry, honey, never gonna happen.

biology girl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who uses the phrase "older ladies" Sauntering Soul!

As for Marky Mark, I can vouch that "Feel It! Feel It!" is a required phrase, but since I have a strong aversion to said celebrity, LG and NB generally permit an audible groan as my response. That's love, people!

Katie K said...

"Feel It! Feel It!"?!?! Really!?? That is fantastic. I'm too busy being enamored with you two to comment on the crossword--also, I'm horrible at crosswords so I'd be no help.

Phyl said...

Racking my brain trying to think of the answer.

cadiz12 said...

poor marky mark. no matter what the role, he's never going to be able to ditch that moniker, no matter how many Boston Cop roles he does.

but i think it suits him.

donna said...

i always did the tv guide crossword too (and have never even tried a ny times puzzle)! loved it when the clue was about a show that was still on and i could go through the programming section and look up the answer. i didn't even notice that i was showing librarian tendencies - looking up the answers.