Monday, April 05, 2010

So meaty

Fair warning: this blog post might make you puke. Maybe you want to take your laptop near the toilet or something.

A few days ago, Nordic Boy and I celebrated the day we met. This is the only anniversary we celebrate. Not because there weren't other days that merit celebration. But just that compared to that day, it seems overkill. We have been together for a long time. And we have shared many, many experiences together. New cities we've moved to, family births and deaths, financial ups and downs, new jobs, old jobs, college, grad school, travel, illnesses, things that have been unbelievably joyous and things that have broken each of our hearts. If we started counting up the first date and the first kiss and the day we moved in and the day we went from dating to best friends to dating to best friends again and the day we first ate a burrito together blah blah blah, it starts to get a little ridiculous. So we just stick with the day we met because everything comes from that. It's like the birthday of us.

I hear that some people call this a meetiversary. Which just sounds like meaty-versary, and I find that thought so disgusting that I sort of love it.

In past years, we have tended to do something special on the meaty-versary. Go on a weekend trip, or go see a show, or go get a fancy meal or something. As the meaty-versary weekend approached this year, we kept talking about what we wanted to do, but not settling on anything. Finally, we figured out what we wanted to do.

We had a completely normal, fun, common weekend at home. Because what better thing to do with our meaty-versary (no I will NOT stop saying that) than celebrate our life? It's a pretty good one.

So here's a super exciting list of the things we did all weekend:
1. We lolled around in bed both mornings.
2. We went to the hardware store.
3. We made a simple dinner of enchiladas and greens.
4. We watched movies on the couch.
5. Nordic Boy measured up our laundry room and cut some boards for new laundry cabinets while I read a book.
6. We walked to the corner Thai restaurant and shared a mound of Pad Thai.
7. We went to the Apple store to play with an iPad.
8. We acted a bit mushy, it's true.
9. We got calls from parents wishing us a happy anniversary. I love them.
10. We danced around the house.
11. We bought a lottery ticket and didn't win a goddamn thing but talked for an hour about what we'd do if we did win.
12. We went on a walk even though we got rained on. I only complained about the cold for half of the walk, which was quite an improvement for me.

I never, never thought I would be living this life, not in a million years. But every day I just...want to. I never feel like I have to make it work. It just does. Because I love that guy to pieces. It's bonkers.

So I guess I sort of have won the lottery. Pretty cool.


Rachel said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing your happiness with us--it's inspiring.

-R- said...

Happy meaty-versary!

-R- said...

Happy meaty-versary!

libraryunderworld said...

We have a meetiversary too, which will now likely be called a meaty-versary. I hope to follow in your footsteps in many ways.

leah u. said...

That is some sweet meat :)

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Thats-a nice.

Teej said...

Ahhhh, love. I love love.


Kathy said...

Happy meaty-versary! You and Nordic-boy are an inspiration to us all :)

Mami Yaya said...

Somehow I found your blog and now I'm hooked. Seriously. This post and the latest on tp, priceless. Totally relate. Happy meaty-versary!

jeanine said...

happy meaty-versary to you both. i love your relationship and your approach to it. brings me so much joy. wishing you many many more years of goodness.

petlerinn said...

Oh! Sweetness! The Rock Star and I feel the same way about our anniversary (although, we celebrate the first day we kissed--or, we made up the date that sounded like it was most likely as neither of us actually remembered).
Yay for long-term loves!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on my blog reading, and may I say AWWWWWWWWWW! Yay for love with all the mushy trimmings.

Tbone & I have been friends since the word "teen" ended our ages, and while a brief practice marriage got in our way, we eventually had a first date that lasted for a week straight. So that's what we celebrate.

Happy meatyversary with gravy! xoxo k8