Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Baby!

My dear friends Hopscotch and Rambo (aka The Soggy Librarian and Mr. Awesome) had their baby last night, y'all! I got the photos this morning and that kid is a doggone knockout, just like his parents.

When I got the news (which I was obsessively, and I mean OBSESSIVELY waiting for, checking email, texts, voicemail every five minutes) I was listening to the radio. I wish it had been a momentous song that I was listening to, just so I could tell Baby Hopscotch-Awesome when he is older about the beautiful strains of music I was immersed in when I first heard of his arrival into the world. But what was actually playing? Was this.

Sorry, Baby.

I switched the station though, and the first song that came up after that was this one, which made me think about my friends and get a little weepy. Happy birthday to my brand new friend and his happy parents!

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