Thursday, April 16, 2009

A new Dick Tracy character?

Remember the whole "Candy Princess" story? Remember that?

Night before last, Nordic Boy rolled over, kissed me in his sleep, and said this:

"I love you, Knuckleface."

Knuckleface??? Really? KNUCKLE. FACE.

There is no way I can turn that into something cute, can I?

Librarian Girl


Josh said...

Does he have a knuckle fetish? Then I'm sure he'd LOVE it if you face looked like knuckles.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was Snuggleface?

cadiz12 said...

At least he wasn't threatening you with a knuckle sandwich. Or poking your stomach and saying "pause, pause, pause. Rewind." (H told me i did the latter a few months ago in my sleep.)

Sauntering Soul said...

My ex-husband's sister had the pleasure of being called "bacon cheeks" on a regular basis by her husband.