Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy National Librarian Day!

For this Librarian Day, I would like to say that any nerdy pastel-clad dance boys are welcome to arrive at my workplace to celebrate me in the following manner:

Mrs. Partridge and Robert Preston are welcome too.

I'm out,
Librarian Girl


Danielle said...

I'm in library school and my dad keeps asking me when I'm changing my name to Marian. Apparently it's just a required thing.

PS I love reading your blog.

Rachel said...

Did you get flowers from your boss? Do librarians even have bosses? Or are they themselves the boss? The boss of books.

look at it with a fashion eye said...

WOW that was almost eight minutes.

rachael said...

Well happy day to you! Is that what YOU normally wear to work, though? If so, um, nice bow.

My word verification, btw, is "milli." Girl. You know it's true.

cadiz12 said...

the music man has had a special place in my heart since i played Amarylis in 8th grade.

hope you had a great NLD!

Julia said...

Thank. You. Ever since I finished liberrian school and became a boss of books, people ask when I'm changing my name to Marian. I tell them I will as soon as my patrons break into spontaneous choreography. I don't think it's asking too much for a little song and dance...stranger things have happened at my library.

Oh, and I loves me a musical.

Brown Sugar said...

So cute :)