Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Which I Criticize Soda Ads

My week has been one of those weeks where I get up in the morning and start running and I don't stop until I go to bed at night. I haven't seen anyone, called anyone, emailed anyone, (well, except BioGirl, Nordic Boy, and Borgsmith), read blogs, nothing. I have thought about you, blog friends, but until they invent a device where I can just plug a cord into my brain so I can blog while running a-fucking-mok, hiatuses like this week will have to happen.

In short, I was sick for three days last week, which was not dramatic at all, but did result in work piling up and kicking me in the Balzac all this week. The other big happening around here is that it is Birthday Week for Ms. BioGirl, who has gained another year which puts her ever closer to personifying her hero, Jessica Fletcher.

Here're some random photos from Birthday Week shenanigans.

The Seattle area is rife (that's right, I said RIFE) with outdated pop culture sightseeing opportunities. There's the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat, the Singles movie apartment building, the town where they shot Twin Peaks, and many music-related sights which I am going to pretend like you don't care about because they are sort of agonizing to me. We decided, on a whim, that we would drive out to the town where Northern Exposure was filmed, which is called Roslyn, WA, and eat at Roslyn Cafe.

A sleepy little town where we immediately became the annoying tourists who snap pictures of everything.

On the side of The Brick (these photos are totally boring if you have never watched the show, and let's face it, they're boring even if you have)...

...there was a sign, which I wish you could read for yourself, but I couldn't bring myself to keep snapping photos of everything in front of the locals, and the sign said "Pepsi! Delicious and Healthful!"

I don't know which I was more appalled about, the claim of deliciousness or the claim for health.

There are lots of murals everywhere in Roslyn, on houses and businesses, which was pretty sweet.

This one was a Brando mural that looked like a "Got Milk?" ad because his upper lip was alarmingly white.

This one was my favorite. Ghostly miner kinda creeped me out.

Other Birthday Week activities involved:

Conveyer belt sushi. Nothing like having to grab your food off a moving contraption. We resisted the urge to put a glove on a plate of sushi as it moved by and have a Laverne and Shirley Schott's Brewery moment, but only because neither of us had a glove handy.

Glove? Handy??? I slay myself.

We also trekked out to Skagit Valley for the annual tulip season, which was fun and all, but mostly I think BioGirl was more excited about the Kettle Corn. That girl has a serious problem when it comes to Kettle Corn.

See that cooler on the side there? On it, it says "Old Timer's Drinks." You know what was in that cooler? Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite. What the hell kind of Old Timer's Drink is a Coke?

Oh, and I bet you're wondering why one would drive an hour out of one's way just to see tulips. Well, it's not just tulips.

It's a really lot of tulips.

I'm talking as far as the eye can see tulips, like you're in a freaky sort of munchkinland or something.

And what do you do when you're hiking around so many tulips on your birthday?

Contemplate life and clutch your Kettle Corn like a football.


I'm out,
Librarian Girl


Teej said...

Those tulips verily made my jaw drop open. No, VERILY.

ColorCodedC said...

Holy crap, the tulips are magnificent!!!!! It really does look like the poppies scene in Wizard of Oz. "Pahhhhhhh-pies..."

Claire said...

Wow! I love tulips! That would be sooo cool to see in real life, thanks for the photos.

And happy birthday BioGirl, hope you had a good'un!

Sharon Kugler said...

So! Many! Photos! Nice work.

cadiz12 said...

some people go all the way to europe to see that many tunlips. lovely!

紅燒魚takesi said...