Friday, May 25, 2007

I Think Therefore I Blog

Oh my goodness! I have been nominated as a THINKING BLOGGER. You may be wondering what that means. I am too, yet I am too lazy to look it up. Oh yes, I am a librarian who is, sometimes, too lazy to look things up! I sometimes have library late fines too. Don't tell anyone.

Regardless if I know what the heck it means to be nominated for this, I will graciously accept. How can I give up the chance to say "it's just an honor to be nominated" like all those famous nominees for famous things do? Somehow, I doubt being a Thinking Blogger has a red carpet event attached. Rats. Because I would have totally gone out and rocked a Naeem Khan number. Oh well. Maybe I can get all gussied up and blog in full evening attire even though no one can see me? So what if that's pathetic? You can nominate me for the Pathetic Blogger next. I can live with that, and plus, I have a shot at winning that sucker.

So yes. Me. A Thinking Blogger. How can I argue? I both blog and think. Sometimes simultaneously. In fact, let me demonstrate the sheer strength of my thinky-ness. After I am through, you may call me Thinky Tuscadero for the rest of the week.

Nice thoughts:
The weather here is GOH-GEOUS. I didn't have to wear a coat to work for the past couple of days. I had a lovely dinner with my pals Heather and Jason last night. Life is good.

I wonder if my yard will ever look nice? I wonder what's next on my Netflix queue? I wonder why Mike Holmes always has to wear those awful gold bracelets? They must have sentimental value.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a nice clothing lending library? Clean, exciting clothes that you could check out and then return after wearing? That could be really cool. Or really gross. Not sure which.

Did anyone see that episode of "Planet Earth" where they showed the great white shark attack? That shit was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my LIFE. Nordic Boy and I both yelled "HELL NAWWWWW!" at the exact same time when we saw that.

I predict that I will be kind of bored during the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie. I predict that I shall lose a tube of lipstick in the next week or so and then find it as soon as I buy a new one. I predict that I shall have some ice cream tonight.

Does the sequel to Donkey Kong, called "Diddy Kong," have anything at all to do with P. Diddy? If so, I am deeply, deeply troubled.

Had I ever had a Dorothy Hamill haircut as a child, I would be a totally different person today.

Chocolate cake is the best cake flavor by far. Watermelon on a hot summer day rocks out. People who are afraid of tofu are funny and overly dramatic about it. "AHHHH! TOFU! AHHHHH!"

Orangutans sure had a film heyday in the late 70s. There was Clyde in the "Every Which Way But Loose" movies, and then there was the Planet of the Apes movies, and even on tv shows. Even Little House on the Prairie had an episode where an orangutan showed up in Walnut Grove. (If anyone can cite any sort of fact about this episode, I will be very impressed with you. Neighbor J, you don't count.)

This was the name of the song that I had my first slow dance to. Or maybe it's called "You're the Inspiration." You know, that song by Chicago? And actually, come to think of it, it may have been "Hard Habit to Break." All those Peter Cetera ballads sound the same, don't they?

I so totally AM a Thinking Blogger. Think think think. I'm all about that. Look at all that stuff I just came up with. I think I need to work on an acceptance speech.

Kiss the rings, I'm out.
Librarian Girl


Anonymous said...

i LOVE your idea about a clothing lending library. oh! someone should totally do that! how would one get funding for that sort of thing though? i'm sure we couldn't do that on the taxpayer's dollar.

i had a dorothy hamill haircut when i was very little. i just came across some awesome b&w shots of me rocking the haircut with a cute white knit cap. i looked good in that haircut. i need to have that haircut again.

went to the san diego zoo yesterday and spent a good deal of time watching the orangutans. some jerky black monkey kept pulling the hair of the big male causing him to retreat and hide out in a cave-thingy. very sad.

Sphincter said...

Hey, I don't even take books out of the library without Clorox wiping them first. No WAY am I borrowing from the clothes library unless I get the very first circ.

srcsmgrl said...

I remember watching that episode of Little House with the orangutan, but being of the librarian persuasion, I had to look it up on IMDB to make sure I got my facts right (I have a terrible memory for these sorts of things). The orangutan's name was Blanche and Mrs. Olson wanted it put down because it attacked Nellie at school. It came out in 1983. All hail the IMDB!

Librarian Girl said...

Aw, librarian. You went and looked it up! No fair.

Blanche it was indeed. And actually, she attacked NANCY, not Nellie. Imdb led you astray!!!

yola said...

okay, the clothes lending library -- isn't that like a tux rental place? But I guess with more than one genre of clothing...

It pissed me off to no end that my prom date could rent his tux but I had to shell out for dress (though I loved my dress, classy silk Jackie-O sheath that I would still wear if only I could drop like a gajillion pounds).

Melinda said...

Well hot damn. Moi, a thinking blogger like yourself? Hardly. :)

e-Lizabeth said...

Totally a thinking blogger - congrats!

Anonymous said...

i had a Hamill in second grade, and yes, that IS just the sort of experience that never quite leaves you.

hmf7 said...

Congrats LG! And also, I would totally be on board for the clothing lending library. As long as it had Chanel.

Unknown said...

Holy crap! I did see that episode of Planet Earth (with my children no less) and can't help yelling out Holy Crap! every time I think about it which needless to say, does not go down well when I'm at the ref desk....