Sunday, April 15, 2012

Librarian to Sick Bay

I've been missing from blogland because both Nordic Boy and I caught the plague, people. It's been going on for days and it ain't over yet, although I'm hoping I'm past the halfway point. This bug is FUGLY.

I have lost track of how many days I've been in this mess, so let me convey it to you in the only unit of measure that we're using these days: tv we have allowed to be on while we go in and out of sleep on our couch.

The Big Lebowski, The Golden Girls, Mr. Deeds, Rocky 2, Ocean's 13, Frasier, The Bodyguard, Kindergarten Cop, Mary Tyler Moore, Juno, Quantum of Solace, Grease, Little House on the Prairie, The Girls Next Door, Kendra, Mash.

Those are the ones I was awake for anyway.

Gotta jet. I have some fevered napping to do while The Nutty Professor 2 plays. Very busy.

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Anonymous said...

Your sponsors are sending you a healing airborne potion the minute you read this. Just pop your head outside your front door, take a deep breath and it's invisible magic powers will overwhelm the illness monster.

Haymitch (aka scl)

dizz said...

Get well-eth soon-est :D