Monday, October 03, 2011

Holy Saturday!

Oh Saturday, you were simple and sweet. 4 things was all it took.

1. Nordic Boy continues to make holes in our house.

Here is what I have learned. Home improvement revolves around one basic series of actions. Making holes and then covering them up. Almost any project, from installing a new dishwasher to rewiring electrical requires some sort of making/uncovering of a hole (in a wall, a floor, a ceiling), doing the bulk of the work, and then patching up the hole. I guess not everything (painting does not require hole making), but almost everything. It has gotten to the point where I ask Nordic Boy what he's doing and 9 times out of 10 he will answer by starting a sentence with "First, I am going to make a hole in..." I feel like my house is in a state of constant perforation. So Saturday morning, we started our day by patching up new holes (in new vents that work with our new furnace). Not a week goes by without some sort of hole work.

His Holiness.

2. We continued our morning by me getting other stuff done while he went to the basement to patch up another post-furnace hole. Every time I wanted to talk to him I had only to walk into the laundry and look down.

Flashing the horns and making silly faces is key to hole patching.

3.  After lunch we headed to the burbs to have cupcakes and tea at our friend M and S's gorgeous house. It could not have been more delightful.

Trees, tea, cupcakes, friends, dogs, cat, backyard chickens, gorgeous house = perfection.

4.  After a post cupcake trip to the hardware store, we headed over to Biogirl's for a cozy dinner, where she regaled us with stories about the previous night when she went dancing at a Moby show (because she is a young whippersnapper) but had to stop and stretch mid-booty shake in the middle of the dance floor (because she's not THAT young of a whippersnapper).

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Brittany said...

oh my..this made me choke on my coffee. so funny. :)