Friday, March 11, 2011

Still snowy

By Michigan standards, there is a reasonable amount of snow on the ground. By Seattle standards, this amount would cause mass hysteria. Every morning, I look outside and say "wow, still snowy!" which is enough to call my Midwestern roots into question, but what can I say. Seattle has seeped in somehow.

Wednesday: "still snowy!"
Thursday: "wow, still snowy!"
Today: [Nordic Boy, beating me to the punch to the tune of the theme song of The Neverending Story]: "Neverending Snowy! Eee-Eee-Eee, Eee-Eee-Eee, Eee-Eee-Eee!"

Maybe we are tired and loopy, but we laughed our guts out at that one.

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librarianista said...

I loled.

KatieC said...

Don't give in to the sadness, Artax!!!