Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Resolve It So I Don't Dissolve It

For the last two months, work has taken up more of my brain that I usually allow it to. All of my available brain space is taken up with worky concerns. Poor Nordic Boy- if he has to listen to one more hour of me going on about how I need to figure this thing out or how I need to get going on that project or how should I deal with this work issue... That man is a patient one, but at this point we have barely had a conversation about anything else for two whole months. That just ain't right.

The other result of this stupid behavior is that when I am not at work, I cannot keep my eyes open. Ever. I have become the granny that falls asleep over her soup at dinner. We have been watching The Wire on DVD, and I can usually stay awake for oh, about 10 minutes before the gunshots and the gritty realism send me straight to the Sandman. Nordic Boy now says to me when we turn it on: "Time for your lullaby!" Snoozy Suzy, party of one. Sheesh.

So blog friends, don't feel too bad that I have been neglecting you. My in-person friends haven't seen me since January either. Nordic Boy barely sees me in a waking state. It's stoopid.

I have a few more days of work before we head off to the Grand Ol' Midwest for a familial visit. And when we get back from that visit, I have made a resolution. Yes, me, the one who never makes New Years Resolutions, is now making a March Resolution. It's an emergency, I have to.

Hear ye, hear ye, mine Resolution is suchly:

When I get back from my trip, I shall Rejoin the World.

Seriously. I am going to see my friends again, and go to some art shows, and stay awake past 8pm, and blog, and read books, and not go to work on my days off, and stop this current insanity.

Ok? Ok.

On the upside, I had two work events this week that involved cupcakes, so things aren't so bad.


Matt said...

I look forward to your return to better balance, and champion your inalienable right to seek that balance.

Rachel said...

The Wire is one heckuva lullaby! I love it. And look forward to your return!