Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Own Creation Myth

Me: You know who that one guy in the last Matrix movie reminds me of?
Him: What guy?
Me: That guy. The computer one.
Him: Um, they're all the computer one.
Me: The one that reminds me of, you know, Chicken Sanders.
Him: Who's Chicken Sanders?
Me: You know.
Him: Stop saying "you know." I don't know. Who is Chicken Sanders?
Me: The Kentucky Fried Chicken guy.
Him: You mean Colonel Sanders.
Me: Oh. Yeah. His name might as well be Chicken Sanders.
Him: So, Colonel Sanders reminds you of who, now?
Me: The Matrix guy. The Sigmund Freud looking one.
Him: So, someone who looks like Sigmund Freud, and who also looks like Colonel Sanders. You mean The Architect?
Me: I don't know his name. He just looks like the Chicken Guy. And Sigmund Freud. I wonder if that was on purpose.
Him: You mean the creator of the Matrix program that we are all living in is really Sigmund Freud?
Me: Nope, worse. Our reality is created by Chicken Sanders!
Him: Scary.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I can so feel Nordic Boy's pain on this one- Josh and I have conversations like this all the time. I'm constantly saying - "No! I don't know!"