Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beauty and the Buble

Watching tv...

Me: Oh. Change the channel. We don't want to watch this. It's Michael Buble.
Him: IT IS???
Me: Yeah. What's the big deal?
Him: That. Right there. Is Michael Buble.
Me: Yes.
Him: Michael mean...that's a real person?
Me: Yes! You didn't know that?
Him: I can't keep up with all your imaginary characters. I thought Michael Buble was an imaginary character!
Me: You did???
Him: I mean, come on. The name. And when you had mentioned him before, you always say it in a weird voice. Like the candelabra guy from Beauty and the Beast.
Me: Lumiere?
Him: Yeah, you know. (Lumiere voice): My-kell Boo-bleh. Haw haw haw.
Me: Sorry. It just comes out that way.
Him: But there he is. Real person. Wow.

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