Friday, January 08, 2010


Here's a bit of what I consumed this week:

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

No One's Gonna Love You, by Band of Horses
Is it just me or could I take that song title the wrong way?

The Ballet Shoes, starring Emma Watson and a bunch of other Harry Potter people
Emma Watson is turning into a looker, and she acts with her eyebrows like crazy.

San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker
Sorry, Pacific Northwest Ballet, but San Fran kicks your hiney all up and down the west coast.

il Trovatore, by Giuseppe Verdi
I heard this while eating chips. Which led to the most dramatic chip-eating I have ever done.

Little Pink Mack, by Kay Adams


Blue said...

Aack! I was just pondering that Ballet Shoes movie on Netflix Instant and wondering if it was possibly able to do justice to the book. Was it...ok?

dizz said...

Awww I liked the Ballet Shoes. Very gentle. Was perfect Christmas viewing!

Allison said...

Steph LOVED The Help. She keeps telling me to read it. Did you like it?