Thursday, December 02, 2010

Photography lesson

On Thanksgiving, there were many picturesque things that I could have taken photos of. We had awesome food, including a cranberry-apple crisp made by Biogirl, and snowy gorgeousness outside our windows, and a beautiful table set and full of all sorts of lovely items. And there was us, hungry, then not so hungry, then cozy, but happy all the way through.
But nope. I took one photo that day.

That would be butter, in the shape of a turkey, and turkey candleholders, and a butter spreader with a pumpkin handle (Biogirl really can go to a very themey place and you gotta love a girl like that). And cranberry "sauce."

I have an eye for the really important things in life. Obviously.


cadiz12 said...

so do you get that turkey butter pre-molded like that or did she mold them herself? i'm glad you the tower of sauce in the background, you know, to keep it real.

Matt said...

I can't look at that can-shaped "tower of sauce" without snickering. The ribbed lines..., the way it's leaning over a little...the tiny pool of its own juices...I keep staring to see if I can see it wiggle.