Thursday, December 16, 2010

Five Year Update

It's coming up on 5 years of me spouting off half-cocked on the blog. Yee-haw! For the 5 year blogiversary, I've updated the About Me page.  Over there, on the right.

I'm keeping a form of the old version over there too.

Don't you love it when I write stuff with a tone that indicates that I think you care? I know, I love it too.


-R- said...

I wouldn't read if I didn't care!

Jen said...

It's like one of your awesome birthday posts. Only for your blog.

Happy anniversary!

Claire said...

Happy 5th! Because I'm practicing at being a librarian I just looked it up on google and it says that 5 is wood and silverware - clearly you need someone to make you a trophy cup in celebration!

Nice shoes by the way :)

katharine said...

we care.

Matt said...

I just read your About Me (the shorter one, which I thought would be the original but maybe now I think that's the new one?), and was so struck by it that I wanted to comment, only I didn't see any place to, which is just as well, since any commentary would have harshed on the echo of truth and beauty in the last two lines.