Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salad Damage

I haven't been very excited about food lately. You ever get into a rut with food? It's stupid, because I don't actually eat the same things all the time (my weekly visit to the same restaurant with Biogirl where we both order the same thing that we order every week notwithstanding), so I don't really know what exactly I'm sick of. Just food, in general.
Anyway, I made a simple salad a couple of days ago and it rocked my SOCKS. I have made it twice since then and I don't know what the deal is. It's like I am Jeremy Irons and the salad is Juliette Binoche.*

The salad is simply this:
A cup of cherry tomatoes
A chopped up avocado
Thawed but still cold frozen corn
A squeeze of lime
A spoon of olive oil
Salt and pepper
A few scallions if I want to get fancy

As the saying goes: NOM NOM.

This may be my most boring blog post ever, and that is saying something. Deal with it.

*God my references are weird.


Josh said...

"NOM NOM" is a saying now?

Valerie said...

Dang, that's one good salad!