Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day One of Poop Pipe Replacement

When I got home last night, the side of my yard looked like a crime scene.

I couldn't help but think about how, if this were Little House on the Prairie, then Carrie would for sure fall down this hole, like that mineshaft episode. Or Nancy, when she fell down the well. Or when Laura was held captive in the underground storm cellar hole by crazy Eloise. Because if there was a hole in Walnut Grove, some little kid was going in it for sure. It was like, a law for the show.

That show was sort of messed up ya'll.

Remember when Carrie falls down a hole and ends up in a 70s weirdo Alice in Wonderland world with a twin? You don't remember? Well god bless Youtube, here's a series of clips. Unfortunately the soundtrack is not original to the episiode.


Kaijsa said...

My tiny pedant self had many gripes about the LHOP show, but I didn't realize til many years later how totally 70s the aesthetic was. Especially the hairstyles on the girls and Pa.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Argh! No youtube at work!

Linda Johns said...

You know there's going to be danger when there's a butterfly. And the close ups of her feet on uneven ground really ratchet up the suspense for me.

Journeyman Matt said...

I don't remember that episode and, sorry, but I do not believe that it ever aired. I can't believe it. It's too trippy. Did she eat a mushroom or something? How did they explain that?

"cash on the barrelhead, just like Pa always says."

Librarian Girl said...

Journeyman Matt- You know I never saw that episode air on tv. I only discovered it when my friend bought the complete dvd series. We like to call that one the lost episode.

Journeyman Matt said...

That's a relief, LG. And @Kaijsa, doesn't that make you wonder what stuff about our time will look so totally "our time" when it is no longer our time? I mean little stuff, like cuffs and tie widths, the shoes, car door handles. I go crazy thinking about all the things that seem "set" but are really so arbitrary, decided by Deciders somewhere in New York after too many martinis. And our whole world is slathered with these things, we just can't see 'em.