Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curse Sir Walter Raleigh

You know that Beatles song? I'm So Tired? Why were they talking about Sir Walter Raleigh in that song? Anyone know? Is this something all the cool people know and I just never heard about it? Do tell, cool people.

All of my close peeps are so tired, ya'll. And when exhausted, they say some funny things.

Nordic Boy: We should go see that new new movie.
Me: Which one?
Him: You know, that one with Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell in it.
Me: Oh, yeah. Sure.
Him: What is it called again? Lunch with the Stupids?
Me: Dinner for Schmucks. Although I would totally go see something called Lunch with the Stupids too.

Nordic Boy: Save that interview show on the DVR for me.
Me: Which one?
Him: Larry Rose. He's interviewing Michael Kline.
Me: Um, you mean Charlie Rose? Interviewing Kevin Kline?
Him: That's the one.
Me: Oh my god, go to bed.

Delium: Have you guys seen that new church in the University District? The one with the really sad name?
Me: I don't think so.
Him: Oh you would remember it if you saw it. It has a name that's strange. A name that sounds depressing.
Me: No, I haven't seen it.
Him: It's like, The Church of the Unwanted Shits.
Me: What????
Him: Or something like that. I guess that's not it. But something like that.


Barb said...

OMG! A church called "Scum of the Earth!" Who came up with that???

Journeyman Matt said...

Thanks LG,
I needed a bit of a snorter today and you've provided it. Three great little larfs...a mini-concerto of fun.

I don't know what the Fab had against Wally. Was that off the White Album? If so, probably no one knows.