Monday, June 14, 2010

Mad Men Babies

Yesterday, the gaggle of neighborhood kids that live on my street set up a lemonade stand. The ages of the kids range from 5 to 14. During the course of the afternoon, they exhibited just about every form of lemonade Public Relations that you can think of. I swear to you every single one of these was shouted up and down my street. It was cracking us up. It went on for HOURS.

1. Straightforward.
"Lemonade! Seventy five cents! Lemonade! Seventy five cents!"

2. Repetition
"Lemonade! Seventy five cents! Lemonade seventy five cents lemonade seventy five cents lemonadeseventyfivecentslemondadeseventyfivecents..."

3. Gossip Girl-ish
"Lemonade! You know you want some!"

4. Price Wars
Kid #1: "Lemonade! Seventy five cents!"
Kid #2: "Lemonade! $35 cents!"

5. The Hard Sell

6. The Personalized Approach
"Hey there. Hi. Do you want some of our lemonade?"

7. Greenwashing
"Organic Lemonade! Seventy five cents! It's fresh!"

8. Too Cool for School
"Lemonade is here, if you want. Only if you want though."

9. Jingle
"Have a lemonade raid! Have a lemonade raid! You'll have it made! You'll have it made!"

For all that? Only like three people stopped for lemonade. And two of them were me and Nordic Boy. Dang.

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e-Lizabeth said...

Those are some hard-workin' kiddies. My kid does a lemonade stand in summer too. He offers drive-thru service, so you can pass that along to your neighbourhood younguns as yet another tactic, if you like. :)