Monday, March 15, 2010

Let them eat cake

You ever have those moments where you can't think of a word?

I did. So I asked Nordic Boy if he could remember the word I was describing. He couldn't either. The mystery word was: rice cakes.

While we tried to come up with this very elusive word, we shouted out possibilities. As soon as we said them, we knew that wasn't it, so we kept trying. Here is our list of alternative terms for rice cakes.

Rice pies
Rice patties
Rice cookies
Rice pucks
Rice discs
Rice rounds
Rice biscuits
Rice crisps
Rice puffs
Rice crunches
Ricey Rice Things
Cardboard Hell Snacks
Styrofoam Rice Crap
Compacted Rice
Rice Saucers
Arid Extra Rice
Snap Crackle Dust
Mummified Rice
Rice Jerky


Rachel said...

Hahaha, "Rice Jerky"!

Miss J said...

So funny! I will never be able to look at rice cakes without thinking "rice discs". They are so NOT cake-like!

Barb said...

It's not a cake if it's not topped with icing!
I too, forget words sometimes. Very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I think "Cardboard Hell Snacks" is my personal favorite.

dizz said...

I'm with BioGirl on this one. They just taste so blah. Unless you put loads of butter on them, then they're okay, but just okay, not tasty tasty tasty