Friday, June 12, 2009


We are now on DAY FIFTEEN of dress/skirt/no sweater weather. Double digits! Could we make it to one month? I don't even care if it rains, as long as the temperature stays up like this! I think we can make it to one month. Sure we can! Who's with me? Come on, we're half way there! (I don't usually resort to quoting the big-hair bard, Bon Jovi, but I can't argue with it in this instance).

The sun continues to shine here in rainy Seattle, and I am in heaven about it. Most everyone in Seattle is of vampire-extraction and so the complaining about the sun is just flying free everywhere I go. I feel like a member of a secret underground movement of sun-lovers. I have two friends that love the heat as much as I do, and when we talk to each other it is in covert glee. Ha ha, isn't this great? we whisper to each other. Then we shut up when the haters converge. I am thinking I need to leaflet my neighborhood or something- there have to be more people like me out there somewhere.

In other summery news, let's talk about plants. Remember when I told you about our plan to have an enviromentally friendly yard? The kind with no grass? We have now put that plan into action, and I am so excited about it. We put in this groundcover that will look pretty much like grass, only without the waste created by having to water the bastard. We just plant these little patches of the groundcover, and then eventually, they spread and meet up with each other, hence creating a lawn. Just not a lawn made of grass. Genius! We do have to water the plants occasionally right now as they are just babies, but eventually, no watering, plus the prettiness. The only problem I am having with this whole planty plan is that for right now it is super ugly and it's going to be that way for a little while because in case you didn't know this: PLANTS GROW SLOW. Like, lugubriously slow. Sllllllllow. The nursery guy assured me that once they were planted and given some time, they would grow like "gangbusters." He actually used the term "gangbusters." (And I see that the Maiden has now also used that term in reference to plants so perhaps this is a gardening term that I didn't know about?). So far, it has been two months, which in plant-time, apparently, is like two minutes. There has been no gangbusting thus far. None at all. And I am tired of waiting for the gangbusters, my friends. Because in the meantime my yard is polka dotted.

This is apropos of nothing, but they keep selling Obama cookies at the Whole Foods bakery. And I don't know why they freak me out, but they just don't look right to me. I don't know, you be the judge.

Librarian Girl


-R- said...

I'm not sure that is Barack Obama. His nose looks really weird.

-R- said...

I mean to add that it looks like his long-lost brother or something.

Lisa said...

Maybe they should be ginger snaps or molasses cookies, not white-sugar sugar cookies?

Maybe it's just wrong to snack on world leaders?

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

About the plants- maybe a little miracle-gro to give them a boost? Works wonders and makes them grow like- wait for it- gangbusters.

Michelle said...

The cookies look fun! Probably because we have no leader to glorify on a cookie...eew can you imagine Gordon Brown on a cookie?!? What are those yellow things with red spots, at the side of the cookies??

Sharon said...

We gave up the lawn years ago, and you'll love it (in a year, when it's grown in.) There may be a little weeding, just to warn you. But NO MOWING is awesome. What kind of groundcover is it?
P.S. as I think I've never commented before, let me say the usual courteous thing: love your blog; you make me laugh, and that's my highest compliment.

Peace Turkey said...

Dude, the guy on the cookies like Ronald Reagan, not Barack Obama. Creepy.