Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I now pronounce you Stone Cold and Killer Kowalski

Dudes, it is SO NICE here. I realize that talking about the weather is mundane, but I can't help it. I am henceforth going to be counting the days in a row that I am wearing a skirt or dress, because the higher that number goes, the happier I will be. We are currently on DAY THREE. I am hoping this may go into the double digits.

So, remember how, in April, I had that dream about Josh and the Maiden Metallurgist? Well, now it turns out that the Maiden has returned the dream-favor and had a dream about me and Nordic Boy. Which ups the friendship to just about every non-in-person venue one could think of. Blog friends, Facebook friends, Twitter friends, email friends, and now dream friends. What's next? I'm sure if we lived in the future, we would be holodeck friends. Or maybe we could send each other smoke signals, but I think we live too far away for that. Or maybe we could be ESP friends? Like the Ghost Whisperer, but instead of talking to ghosts, we could send each other mind signals or something?

Or maybe we just need to meet up in person, because all of the other friendship venues are kind of exhausted. I am going to be in Chicago next month, so it just might happen.

In other news, Nordic Boy and I have never made any vows to each other. However, as of yesterday, we have decided, that should we ever feel the need to make vows to each other, that we have the perfect way of expressing those vows. It came about like this:

Him: I'm going to love you for a long time, you know.
Me: Why the challenging tone? Are you challenging me?
Him: Totally. I'm going to love you until... until... one of us just keels over from it.
Me: What, and dies?
Him: And DIES.
Me: What, so it's like a DEATH MATCH?
(flexing of muscles, Hulk Hogan style, and baring of teeth at each other).

That almost makes me sad that we never had a wedding. Because I would LOVE to say those words and act like that in an official capacity. I mean, wouldn't you love to go to a wedding where someone pulled some shit like that?

Also, once again, I am feeling like I am telling you a story that is only funny to me. Oh well, that's just how I do.

Librarian Girl


Petals of a Daisy said...

I would TOTALLY love a wedding like that!

BioGirl said...

Hey, you know that I'm all for emphatic expressions of affection!

Carrie Ann said...

That's so sweet!

Laughblog said...
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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I totally did that at our wedding!

No, no I didn't. I'm a liar.

marty said...

Those vows are beautiful.

Chicago Blogger Meetup! Chicago Blogge meetup!


Rachel said...

Are you coming up to Madison during your Midwest trip?

library jen said...

Nope, clearly not just funny to you. Funny and kinda sweet in a quirky way. I would love to see/hear vows like those!

Kathy said...

Those have GOT to be THE most romantic vows I have ever heard. And trust me, LG, I have heard a lot of cheesey-ass vows.

stacy said...

no - that was funny to me too!

very funny.

cadiz12 said...

i'm pretty sure anyone you invited to your wedding (except the aunties) would totally be behind vows like that.