Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hot Links

I'm taking the reciprocity links off the sidebar there. This here list below is only the folks that are known to me from comments and other suchlike. I know there are more people out there linking to me, which is awesome and thanks, but if you want me to know about you, I figure you woulda said something to me or something. So if you link to me and I don't know it, by all means shout it out and I will try my tootin'-est to add you to the list. If you're not on here and you think I shoulda included you, you may have a point. Rest assured you're not on here because I am sloppy, not because I am an asshole. Cool? Okey dokey.

At the Library
And You Know What Else
Back to Me
Because It's the Dallas Etiquette
Belly and the Bug
Brown Sugar
Christy Lou Who
Do They Read Obituaries In Hell
East Coast F'Lakers
Fianna's Little Internet Space
Fortune For You
A Girl And Her Neuroses
Got Gauge
It's All In My Head
Jell-O Universe
Kelly Green Rogue
Librarian Interrupted
Life of a Lovechild
Moving Right Along
Musings or Endless Ramblings?
No Apathy Allowed
Orange Chair
Pardon the Egg Salad
Pitter Patter and Chitter Chatter
Playful Librarian
Return to Rural
Rude Cactus
Salem Press
Sauntering Soul
Site Insights
Spotless Mind
Tales of a Library Lady
Teacher Ninja
Steel Away
This Won't Hurt A Bit
Tiny Little Librarian
Wind in the Wire
Your Neighborhood Librarian


TMC said...

I link. :)

Karen said...

I link to ya! Love ur blog!

teacherninja said...

The teacherninja links to you. Silently.

marty said...

I link but no pressure to link back. Especially because when I moved to Wordpress and hadn't finished my new blogroll, I got SMACKED DOWN by someone who I hadn't gotten around to adding to the new one. Sheesh, it is just a link! So I am a big believer in linking to WHOEVER YOU WANT TO. :)

Anonymous said...

I comment, therefore I am.

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