Friday, June 02, 2006

A Gesture Life

Is it just me or have games like Charades and Pictionary fallen out of favor? I feel like there was a time when those games were all the rage. Like when Win, Lose or Draw was on tv, and you could watch Bert Convy whip all your favorite celebrities into a tizzy over trying to draw phrases like "Broke Into A Sweat." Remember when it got so crazy on that show that Erik Estrada accidentally punched Bill Maher in the face? Oh my god, remembering that is making my day right now. Now THAT'S good tv, people!

I was a big fan of all of those games. I especially had a penchant for Charades. My sister and I would play that game for hours, and it would get pretty elaborate. Granted, my sister and I had the kind of relationship where we could basically read each other's minds, but that didn't take away from the brilliance of the Charades moves we busted. I particularly remember a game of Team Charades where we acted out "mousetrap." I got down on the floor on my side, with one arm flat on the carpet. She mousily crawled over my arm, faking the cheese-eating part of it better than Uta Hagen ever could have, and I swung my other arm up and over with lightning speed, scissoring her neck, after which she proceeded to twitch and "die" with rodent dignity.

These days, I hardly ever play Pictionary or Charades. The last time I did anything like that was two years ago when my peeps and I rented a beach house on the Oregon Coast. Memorable moments from that trip included Nordic Boy splaying himself out on the floor and miraculously getting us all to correctly exclaim "Kathy Ireland!" and Neighbor B showcasing his extreme economy of motion by drawing a square in the air and getting us all to say "toaster."

Perhaps my love of Charades is getting enough play out of being a librarian. I just recently noticed how much gesticulating I do during the course of my day. I don't know why I do this. I don't think I do this when I'm having a leisurely dinner conversation with my friends. Just at work. Some examples:

"I'll show you right where those cookbooks are. Right this way." (With a beckoning Mister Rogers hand gesture.)

"The baseball books will be on these shelves here." (Price Is Right model-hands).

"To print, you have to put your coins into the coin acceptor immediately to the right of the printer." (I'm pantomiming putting coins into the box. Why IS this?)

"Do you want information on how fireworks were invented, or...?" (With a two-handed, either/or, balancing scales motion).

Now if only Bill Maher would show up and whip everyone into a frenzy, I could punch him the the face. I'm ready, people. All warmed up.

Kiss the rings, I'm out.
Librarian Girl


biology girl said...

Not only will I play charades with you anytime, but I will invent fictional characters that we can then act out. (You know who I mean...)

As for pictionary, I once correctly guessed Alcatraz after someone had drawn five parallel vertical lines. Few moments in my life make me prouder.

Melinda said...

Hells yeah, I do the exact same thing at the reference desk. "No the computer's not broken; that's just a screensaver. You have to wiggle the mouse to wake it up." (Pantomime wiggling a phantom mouse on the mousepad that is the palm of my hand...)

My friends and I played Charades at a birthday party last year. It was fabulous retro fun. The stumper of the evening was "The Diary of Anne Frank." Try that one on for size.

Leah said...

I like it when Cranium (fun board game!) requires charades. Last XMAS a key part of my mom's interpretation of "cocktail dress" was pointing at my uncle's crotch. There had maybe been some spiked egg nog earlier in the evening...

Katie K said...

I would totally fake being sick so I could stay home from school and watch win lose or draw.

Oh and my worst Cranium moment was having to hum Aretha Franklin's Respect and chosing to hum the "Sock it to me, Sock it to me, Sock it to me" part. Completely unintelligible and my friends are still making fun of me for it to this day.