Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Chillin' followed by illin'

Hey, so guess what? Nordic Boy is sick again! And this time we thought it might be meningitis, and lo, it was the scariness.

(It is not meningitis).

I knew things were awry when Saturday night, after a day of warmth and sunshine, Nordic Boy could not get warm. Nordic Boy is always warm, hence the name. He don't need no stinking 70 degrees. The next morning he woke up at 4am, a sweaty, feverish mess, and his entire spinal column and neck were seized up and his neck glands were all swollen up. He couldn't move at all. He slept for the next 17 hours, and then doctor consultations about meningitis happened, and all sorts of monitoring was done. It was SO SUPER FUN. I got to test out whether or not I could bodily lift my dude out of bed onto his feet (I can! what a badass) and other such good times.

The short of it is that he is ok, after 24 hours all of a sudden his back and neck didn't hurt at all anymore, and now he just seems like a dude with a cold. No one knows what sort of virus that shit was but there you go. Me, I think it was an alien parasite from outer space.

I still have a cough from my influenza a couple weeks ago so we are just a lovely, lovely set of humans.

This really was not a huge trauma at all, but it did make me think about the people who are caregivers to loved ones all day every day.  I doff my chapeau to every last one of them, dudes. For reals. Pour one out for the caregivers, y'all.

Maybe one day I will talk about something goofy again, and also something not involving the medicines. Let's hope.


dizz said...

Aw no! What is with this year for everyone? Rubbish. Best of get well wishes to you both x

cadiz12 said...

really glad it wasn't meningitis.

Crafty Jenny said...

So glad NB is okay, and that you are a super bad-ass NB-lifter! And yes, shout out to caregivers!