Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 kicks the bucket

Another holiday season behind us, and a fresh clean year has started just so that we can fill it up with our joys and fuck ups. We'll have them both, but let's hope for more joys. It was my sixth anniversary of the bloggie this past month, so now is a good time to thank you for stopping by to hear my mess every so often, and if you blog yourself, thanks for letting me read about what's up with you. Writing is good, is what I have discovered, because I am always down for pointing out the obvious and claiming to have discovered it. Watch, I'll do it again: pop tarts are probably not that great for you, healthwise, is what I have discovered.

Anyway. You guys are good blog friends, and I appreciate it.

Happiness, healthiness, love. These three I wish for you. And let's face it, for me too, I won't front.

Happy New Year.


Brit said...

happy new year. :) and i enjoy the blog very much. your obvious musings are very funny.

urbaninfogirl said...

Congrats on six years of bloggy goodness, and a very happy 2012 to you too. Also thanks for being here on the interwebs. :)