Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pretend this has good lighting

Nowhere more than at my parents deserves good food photography skills. Oh well. Just imagine i'm better at this.

Mustard greens, dahl, potato-cauliflower curry, cucumber raita, and pickled apple slice.

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Kate (& Ben) said...

I am way more than just a little jealous of your family's home cooking. I grew up with a woman who broke dried spaghetti noodles in half before cooking them & covered them in jarred sauce mixed with ketchup and a ton of ground beef. I thought I hated food until I moved to NYC when I was 18.

Miss J said...

Good lord - your mom's mustard greens! I only tasted them once and I will never forget them. So. delicious. Sending hugs to you guys. xoxo J

Marty J. Christopher said...

God, I wish I was eating my mother's cucumber raita right now. : )