Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Own Roger Ebert

Biogirl: I went to see that one movie. You know, with the Hangover guy in it. He played Will in "Alias." It was the movie about the brain and the pill and the thing. It was eh.

This description of the movie "Limitless" has inspired me to always describe movies in this way.

It was the movie about the alien and the Reese's Pieces and the thing. With the kid from Firestarter.

It was about the dreaming and the spinning top and the thing. With Luke from Growing Pains.

It was about the dancing and the boobs and the thing. With Kelly from Saved by the Bell.

It was about the steeple and the heights and the thing. With George Bailey.

It was about the millionaire and the sled and the thing. With the guy from the wine commercials.

Seriously, I could do that all day long. Care to join me?


librarymeow said...

This is kind of how I describe movies so I totally love that. However, wasn't the one w the boobs and the thing, really Jessie from Saved by the Bell and not Kelly?

Librarian Girl said...

Dude, you called it! Yes of course it was Jessie! Der. It should come as no shock to you that I type faster than my brain functions.

Christy said...

Ha, I love it! It was the movie about the Vegas casino and the heist and the thing. With that kid from Facts of Life.

Librarian Girl said...

Christy: NICE.