Monday, August 16, 2010

Upon my departure

I'm weird.

(Delium, dropping Nordic Boy and I off at our house after lunch).
Delium: So, Nordic Boy, you're coming over later to help me install that solar panel, yes?
Nordic Boy: Yep- I'll be there in an hour, after I grab some tools and load up the truck.
Me: (announcing from the backseat) Delium, I don't know if I shall be joining him when he comes over later. Maybe I will, but I haven't decided. Perhaps it might be best for you to do whatever you need to do now, internally and emotionally, in terms of dealing with saying goodbye to me. It would just be better that way.
Delium: Um, WHAT?
Nordic Boy: She's telling you to make your peace, dude.

But at least someone gets me.

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