Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drawn to Each Other

A little while ago, Josh said that he discovered that his lovely bride makes sketches of her outfits on her desk calendar at work and asked if anyone else does that.

It freaked my freak, because dudes! I DO THAT.

Not all the time, not consistently, and it's in my day planner as opposed to my desk calendar. But still. I have an OUTFIT SKETCHING DOPPLEGANGER!

How weirdo is that????

(I have blocked out my day planner meetings and such to protect the names of the persons I work with and the shit I may or may not write about my workplace therein).

Admittedly, her sketches are cuter than mine. Now that I really look at these sketches I see that I have made myself into some sort of faceless rastafarian with no hands. Which is weird.


TMC said...

Do you ever need to refer back to a previous day's doodle for any reason?

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

It is crazy-town that we both do that.