Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And Speaking of Segues

First of all, I just realized that my site meter passed the 66,666 mark in the past few days and NONE OF YA'LL told me. Why would I think that you are paying attention to my site meter? I don't know. I just think that everyone is sitting around waiting for the Sign of the Beast to occur in their lives.

Speaking of Satanic Evilness, lookee where I was this morning.

Valentine's Traffic 2008
Happy Valentine's to me!

Speaking of Valentine's, you know what Nordic Boy got for me, a day early? A good chortle.

Him: (while making dinner, singing to himself) J-j-j-j-j-j-gee, you nut!
Me: Did you just say "YOU NUT?"
Him: Yeah, I am so gangsta, yo.
Me: It's G-UNIT. Not Gee, you nut.
Him: What's G-Unit?
Me: The name of the group. G-Unit. With 50 Cent in it? It's a GROUP.
Him: Oh, I thought they were saying "gee, you nut!" Like, hey g, you're such a nut!
Me: That's actually, well...awesome.

And speaking of awesome, while helping a teen patron the other day, the subject of today (Thursday) came up. She was incredulous, shocked, amazed that we, the library, would be open on VALENTINE'S DAY. I think that she wanted to cry on my behalf for having to work on such a Very Important Day.

And speaking of it being a Very Important Day, lookee what else I saw today.

Oh my god I don't believe it

This is so joyous that it makes me grin like a toothy idiot.

And speaking of things that make me overjoyed, check this out.

I have seriously watched this like, five times in a row. And it's still funny.

I'm out,
Librarian Girl


Phyl said...

Thanks for the link. And just in time for us to use for our lunchtime workout. Move those hips! Remember the bigger the circle, the smaller the waist!

Srcsmgrl said...

Funny, when I was at my friend's for S-Bowl Sunday, her son thought that they should have the day after off school. Because it was a holiday...

Xteener said...

That video makes me want to move my boogie body. Hot dog!

cadiz12 said...

do you think judy shepard-misset was the woman they based that character from There's Something About Mary on? Nah, that lady didn't have nearly as much energy.

The Pop Quiz Kid said...

HOT DOG, indeed!

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

omg! I remeber jazzercise! that was some crazy stuff!

Becky said...

take it up, take it up, take it down, take it down!

Josh said...

The people in that Jazzercise video didn't even look real! They looked like muppets.

...Or maybe it's just because I watched it without my glasses on. Who knows?

Katie K said...

I tell this story constantly (so much so that I've probably already told you) but one of my friends from college thought the song "brick house" was actually "she's got friends, ow!" That was always my favorite but "gee, you nut" might now have the top spot.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Sauntering Soul said...

Holy crap. I know what I'm going to do this weekend. I'm going to move my boogie body. I can move my coffee table if any of you want to come squeeze in my living room and move your boogie body with me.

Jen said...

Now I'm feeling self-conscious that I don't know how to say that. I'm clearly not even remotely gangsta.

librarianista said...

I have found my new fitness regimen! Yoga can suck it.

Also, I think Nordic Boy and I are roughly the same amount of gangta. Roughly .004207%.